Hear Local


A song from “Afterworld” called stop hitting yourself.. I love this guys vibe!

My New friend from Atikokan! She hit #1 last week on XM radio 1 🙂 Enjoy a nice tune from Sunday Wilde.

Metal tune called “Dead Light” by Symbolic Divine. Recorded at the Loft.

Some groovy fusion jams by the one and only Don’t you (,) Mean People.

Here’s my fave tune off of “importexport’s” soundcloud 🙂


My good friend Taylor Domy has been working on a new electronic E.P. Here is a demo off of it 🙂

A metal song off of the E.P “you can’t fight fate” written by The Vilification and recorded by Craig Hardy (from the band Fragments)



A song by “The Other Colour.” they started in Thunder Bay and moved to Toronto. Cheers guys and have fun!



A local hip hop song made by an electronic music artist Classic Roots FT. vocals with “Tim Cheppenko“, “Jae Royale” & “Bronze.”



A song by Paige Guzzell of Thunder Bay, recorded at the loft! check out the video for it here;


Here’s a song off the new E.P written by Alex Maclean of Thunder Bay!


His E.P is up for streaming and download. Support Alex if you can!



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