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Preme Palosaari – Changing Times On A Whim

Click for "Preme" on Band Camp

Click for “Preme” on Band Camp

Here is a nice shout out to a new friend of mine “Preme Palosaari.” Another  artist/member of the quickly rising local production company called, They Media.

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I Spent some time hanging out with him at the Beatfarm E.P release party. Preme played an awesome set so I had to go let him know! He told me about  the awesome things he’s learned, the different places he’s been,  and how his rap career has all built up to now. Teamed up with TheyMedia, it seems he’s going to be doing a lot of cool new things in the next while. preme at beatfarm party

Nothing but positive things coming up for Preme;

His first tour (with KIDS, Ibe and Nikki Saint)

a new music video (Modern Warfare)

a possible video series called “making it

and the release of his album and merchandise


He was born in Winnipeg, but also relocated to Thunder Bay & Vancouver.  He moved around a lot actually, from Coast-to-coast. By the age of 16 he had lived in both Nova Scotia and Victoria B.C. with his family.

“I started in Victoria when I was about sixteen, so, about ten-eleven years ago..(makes me sound old lol) I heard of a local guy I knew who was from the same town, “Discreet.” I ran into him one day and I told him I wrote music and wanted to record something with him. He was down to work so we started making song after song.”

“The songs weren’t anything special but we had some real good heartfelt joints that still to this day I listen to, makes you appreciate where you came from and how far I’ve made it since then”

Preme's past recordings

Preme’s got this really nice soul inside him. He’s older then most up-coming artists but after talking with him I realize he’s got more than one story to tell. Everything he’s learned so far in life is being put into these next few years.  There’s plenty of things that I’ve heard from him about the pain and suffering in his life, and  also about the realizations and the re-births he has gone through.

“My dad hasn’t got to see me do music at all… I dont think he even knew I was into it. I just remember calling one day for him when he was supposed to be taking the greyhound back to BC to see me…” “the 3rd time I called, the girl staying there at the time jumped on the phone and yelled he wasn’t breathing…” he passed away when I was about 15, just before I started rapping”

“I dropped out after the first semester of grade 10. I didn’t receive any credits whatsoever…” “after that I just made music and worked constantly in the summers out in t bay where my family is..”  “I got caught up in the wrong crowd and had to move back to Victoria for a few months to get straight, I’ve been going good for like 6 years now i’d say..I recently quit drinking and smoking, so I’m trying the sober road. It’s going good so far”

Working for music slowly turned into working for his new family. His son was born, and he was caring for him full-time for six years with his girlfriend.

preme & daughter                    Preme and his son

After meeting up with the local artist B.Big he had a chance to get back on the stage. He played this show and was stoked enough to get onto a second gig after.

“And the crazy thing is I signed with theymedia after I did well in the rap battle at crocks..and I signed the day of my dads b day on dec. was crazy to think that afterwords it was pure coincidence

“I started rapping again mostly to prove to myself and my kids and anyone else that no matter when in life you want to pursue something that it’s never too late, especially if 

its something you love to do..and now that I’m with theymedia its like I’m getting another fresh start and each time Im on another level, so I’m excited to see where it takes me.”

Preme is back on his game and has finally released his first E.P

tired preme on tour

Preme on tour LOL

He hasnow shared the stage with many big name artists;

heavy metal kings, madchild, Moka Only, Snak The Ripper the Ap and Celph titled.

His awesome raspy voice is one to be heard, and now that you’ve heard his story, maybe you can enjoy the vibe created in his music.

It is a true story, with a clear vision. This is such a passionate tale for my “new” -but feels like-  good good friend Preme Palosaari.

He has made a mark in the Thunder Bay music scene, and is going to continue to expand his music outside our city’s limits on his first tour this summer.

This is awesome man, You deserve this break. I’m so happy for you. After hearing your story and music, I can’t wait

to hear the next chapter of your life.

Preme lovin the mic Thank you to: Ascension, Scott Hobbs and Theymedia for the photo’s used in this article.


3 thoughts on “Preme Palosaari – Changing Times On A Whim

  1. Preme honestly kills it every time. Super easy going, nice, friendly guy to talk to. Keep up the good work bud. He once said “I don’t care how many people are at my show, 5 or 500, I get up there cause I do it for the love of the music”… Now that’s an artist!

  2. Preme is a great dude on and off the mic. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know him over the last 5 months, through working with Theymedia and he just keeps getting better and better. He works hard, is humble and a great person to just kick it with. From working in the booth, I’ve heard his sound get tighter and his content get even more dope, each time. While touring with him, I got to watch his live show get better each night and he always showed a ton of love to the group I run with, KIDS. Outside of music, he’s always the guy cleaning up after everyone’s mess and also invited our team over to his house for an amazing dinner…which you REALLY appreciate while on the road and we got to see how caring he is for his family/how good of a father he is. I can’t say enough good things about this cat and I look forward to building more with him in the future. TheyKIDS, VanCity to Tbay, all love. 1

  3. Hey “preme”

    Im so proud of you and what you have become a talented music artist…I know for a fact you dad is and would be so proud of you, just remember he will be always watching down on you cheering you on.

    Love ya cuz

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