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Ibe: setting his mind to music.


Picture by TheyMedia for a local shop called “Urban Boutique”

Life. It is what it is, what more can we say Just do what makes you happy And fucking enjoy it Live it to the fullest Regret nothing and keep moving forward And most important Just be.”- Ibe.

A few months ago I saw a video of an old friend that I used to watch and trade pokemon with. We were 18 back then, but still lots changed since I saw him last!

He’s a super funny dude, definitely knows how to get people going and have a good time.  I always remembered him as someone who was down for anything.. Preettyy sure I watched a video of him setting himself on fire a few years back??
LOL that was actually fucking crazy..

Brode On fire

The Good Ol’ Days

Moral of the story when he puts his mind to something more often then not he follows through.

Brodie Radford is his name, an old bestie of mine from a few summers past.

  Didn’t surprise me to see he’s taking up another challenge..
Didn’t surprise me to see he’s in a profesional quality video
Didn’t surprise me to see he’s already well on his way, planning for the future…

  DEFINITELY surprised me when I saw it was produced by a local record label called “TheyMedia.
(They media is a new music company in town check them out!)

So! I’m here to talk to you guys about “Ibe”, and get you to know him a little better!  He’s already released a 4 track E.P and I’ve got that posted on here for you guys to check out!

Brode is always challenging himself. Every time I see him, he’s doing something new and has already established a solid reputation for it.  He has a certain vibe about him that says he will do a lot of great things with his time here on Earth.

Ibe’s tracks from his E.P have a right nice flow through them. His words are spoken like fluent conversation, and can paint a nice picture for anyone he tells a story to.
He can keep you interested in his perspective, and verbal content or you can just space out to the chill vibe his music provides.
I like listening to Ibe when Im just hanging out on the couch. You can just chillout to his tracks and certain phrases will stand out and add a nice direction to your thoughts.

You can see him with many different artists on stage, in videos, recordings and I’ve seen a hand full of promotional photo’s from local business featuring him in them.. The one at the top of the article is one of them.. neat.

Definitely keep posted on his stuff! He has a lot planned for this summer..
He says:

  “right now its get my school done, which i have a month left of then its onto paramedics course for two years.
This summer is the future of my music, because, I will finally be able to focus on it 100% everyday. I’m currently writing songs for the album, beats are being worked on and hoping to have it out this summer
lots of shows, lots of releases.. then were thinking small ontario tour”
+Im super stoked to see how everything turns out for you brode!! you’re sounding fucking great!!
Keep an eye on Ibe, as he set’s his mind to music.Cheers, man. let the good times roll.


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