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A little something from: The Other Colour

the other colour head copy

I was just talking with my friend Taylor Perrault on the ol’ facebook chat. He was telling me about a new song release his band is coming out with in the next few days! So I’m guessing by the time this article is done, there will be a nice song above here for you to enjoy while you read 😀 I definitely suggest checking out there other tunes for sure.

Anyways! I know most of these gents from high school. It’s really cool to see some talent that has moved on to bigger and better things!

The Other Colour is a four-piece pop-rock band. All members slowly put together over the years from Thunder Bay.

Stephen Gray - Vocals

Stephen Gray – Vocals

Taylor Perrault - guitar

Taylor Perrault – guitar

James Agostino - drums

James Agostino – drums

Aj Astle - slappin deh bass

Aj Astle – slappin deh bass

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Stephen and Taylor have known each other since they first discovered the wonders of Elmer’s School glue in S.K. So they’ve  been kickin’ it musically throughout the years.

I remember seeing them perform for the first time playing a cover of Rush in their band “S.O.S” in like 2006?  I was so pumped hahah.

Their style which can be heard in their two e.p’s “black” and “white” goes through a calm feel to jazzy and even edgy rock, always with a nice pop feel to it.

lots of different vibes to feel between each different song.
Stephens voice is very accurate and powerful and the music is straight forward and full of energy.

SO! I have a story to tell about these talented gentlemen! just a little history and a glimpse into what they’ve been up to in T.O! They started in 2007 in high school as a four piece band. Their music teach Mark Soderlind from St. Pat’s. recorded their music over about a year and a half. Those songs were eventually put together to make the “black” E.P.

Heres a photo of The Other Colour with Timo.

Heres a photo of The Other Colour with Timo.

As soon as high school was done they were just waiting to get out to T.O. Just around this time they got their second guitarist, Timo Pehkonen. Timo featured on a few songs from the black album.. Then decided to join as a full time member!

Im not sure if any of you guys remember their jam space parties? haha that place was awesome.. like a airport hangar filled with drunken hooligans.. smoking sheesh from the hookah, little jam circles.. or wild dance parties.. fuck yeah.
But anyways they paired up with a buddy they jammed with at their jam space named James Agostino, the drummer. All went well and the jams were righteous. Off to Toronto to record the

“white” E.P!!

Their goal was to record as soon as they got to T.O and that’s exactly what they did! They met a nice young chap who produces in one of taylor’s classes in Humber College. The album was recorded in only one week, in their kitchen.

Timo ended up leaving the band shortly after. The Other Colour is now back to it’s roots and pushing out music as a four-piece band.

four piece TOC

The Other Colour has a lot of really cool things coming up. I can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures guys!!
Cheers and good luck!

I wish I could have given deeper detail about their album sound but I do not have a copy of their albums and they are not in walking distance.. and walking is all I got right now.. lol

Had to share and promote you guys either way!! I hope inspiration sticks with you.


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