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Connor Chenier Session

Connor Chenier Promo Photo

This is my friend “Connor Lee Chenier” He takes life day by day, drinks drinks, loves his girlfriend, and hangs out jammin guitar.  He has a really old raw vibe to his voice and an acoustic rock roll vibe to his guitar playing.
We’ve been meshing his music up so far to have a chill and upbeat sound.. I’ve heard good things from friends who have heard the recordings we have so far.
The album is going to be super fun and awesome to relax to or have drinks to 🙂

Check out connors Studio Jam we recorded! The album will be full of instruments and percussion, but this is roughly what his tunes sound like 🙂


We’re hoping to fill up this music player full of songs
But for now show let’s him some love on this first tune he has on this player we recorded last year.

I hope inspiration finds you or sticks with you all!


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