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Diamond Joe Dutame – Wonderful, calming and sincere

Here is my friend “Diamond Joe” from Winnipeg. I had a great time meeting and sharing thoughts with this man.

Diamond Joe is the type of artist you watch play and enjoy because his personality shines through his movements and expressions.

He sings about real things that matter to him, and he sings about both the evil and the wonderful things of his life.

Diamond Joe has a wonderful gracious vibe about him that you cannot help but be curious about knowing how he became who he is!
When I first met him I was jamming at a show and after I watched him play we had some beers and we became friends.
He is a wonderful person I suggest anyone to not only listen to his music but to also talk with him because he has alot of great things to say about life and the many ideas people have. Love you bro!

Here is an interview of Diamond Joe and Myself in his winnipeg apartment. THERE IS ALSO A LINK TO SOME JAMS WE RECORDED IN HIS APARTMENT.

Diamond Joe wants to play music on a train.. He says he’s going to get free travel and make his way over to B.C and back.
Sound pretty awesome to me, man!
Im excited for you my friend, anytime he comes down to tbay I’ll make sure to post about it!!!

Check out some of his other music here!!


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